What are you craving?

What do you crave right now? Where I am it is HOT. Every. single. day. AND I LOVE IT. (This cannot be overstated.) So I wake up each morning and crave really strong iced coffee and raspberry ice cream.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had French raspberry ice cream… if you have, congratulations, you’ve experienced one of Earth’s great triumphs. French raspberry ice cream bears very little comparison to British and American equivalents. Firstly, it’s a sorbet, so it’s light and fresh, not creamy. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against creamy ice cream. Before I was vegan, Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup used to be my weekend buddy.

But creamy ice cream- American style with added chunks of clustered joy, more cake than ice cream- is an in-depth affair. There is no casual informality to Salted Caramel Core. That’s an experience that requires planning, hours set aside for sleepiness and comfortable seating.

French Raspberry sorbet is sharp and intense; it feels like you are eating the very best fruit, on the very best day. It’s what the soul of raspberries tastes like. Raspberry sorbet on a very hot day, a day that is still and heavy with heat, is like a quick, cold shower. It makes your whole body tingle and the feeling lasts for hours. You can eat it while walking through the sunlit streets of your home town or the village you’ve just discovered on holiday. No schlumping on the sofa required. 

We think of temptation and cravings as gateways to self-destructive behaviour, as weaknesses that we should hold off. But sometimes, our temptations and cravings are signs of what we need. If you’re longing for a long walk, then you may have been sat still for too long. If you crave an empty beach, then maybe you need time alone. If you want a loud bar, then perhaps you’re feeling lonely or you’ve been working long hours. Many of our desires are signposts to greater questions and issues in our lives.

So does my craving for raspberry sorbet mean something more than just IT’S HOT!?

Besides wanting to cool down, I think what I want from the sorbet is the feeling that I’m on holiday. I quit my teaching job a year ago exactly. (Woohoo! One year as a freelancer!) Since then, I’ve worked on a real mix of freelance jobs and I’ve done some English teaching, here in France. There are lots of aspects of working freelance that I really love- starting work later than 8am, trying different types of work, meeting lots of different types of people.

But, although some days I may work from a café or take a weekday off, I never feel like I am really off work. And I always feel the need to catch-up on the weekend or a weekday evening. It’s the guilt. That weighty friend that accompanies all of us on our daily travels, ready to pounce on the extra biscuit, the long lunch break, the missed gym session.

I’m not even very busy yet with work, so I can’t imagine how it must feel when you have too much work. You must need a forklift for the bags of guilt.

The image of raspberry sorbet floating through my head is not just a food craving, it’s a longing for holiday brain. That way of thinking that sets in after three days on holiday, when you fully understand that you have nowhere to be, nothing to do and no one to please but yourself and the gelato shop owner.

What are you craving? And what could it mean??

And a great recipe for raspberry sorbet from the lovely My Primrose Hill Kitchen, who has lots of simple, delicious recipes, including some incredible looking vegan ones!

Top illustration by Coco & Mint, illustration by the excellent Klas Fahlen, bottom photo by My Primrose Hill Kitchen. 

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